Livestock at Hareley Farm


Polled, docile sheep. We run a closed flock and any incoming sheep are quarantined for three months and go onto our flock health plan. We breed only from registered pedigree sheep good in feet, teeth, udder and conformation and sell for breeding only lambs that we would keep ourselves if we had room.

Ewe and ram lambs can be reserved for collection after weaning.

Rams will be available for purchase and hire from the Autumn. Southdown rams are particularly suitable for use on hoggets of hill and mountain breeds, to ensure an easy first lambing. A Southdown cross lamb will normally be born without assistance, be up and suckling very rapidly and have an excellent carcase. Twins are common and most flocks will scan at around 170%.


Orders can be placed now for hatching eggs, chicks, growers and point-of-lay fowl. A variety of rare breed large fowl is available, including Buff, Gold and and Blue Laced Wyandottes, Dorkings and Speckled Sussex. Please telephone or e:mail for further details.


We have two breeding groups of rare Narragansett turkeys - these have spectacular irridescent bronze plumage tipped with white and black and are renowned for their good eating qualities and calm disposition. Orders can be placed now for hatching eggs, poults, growers and breeding stock.


We have pedigree, birth-notified home-bred Gloucestershire Old Spots weaners suitable for pork and bacon production available for collection at intervals throughout the year. We keep the Princess Freda bloodline - the rarest female bloodline of Gloucestershire Old Spots - and will also have registered Princess Freda gilts suitable for breeding. Breeding boars (Patrick bloodline) can be reserved in advance and selected, registered and grown on ready for collection at six months old.

A young, registered, pedigree Gloucestershire Old Spots boar (Patrick bloodline) is now available for hire. He is suitable for use on gilts and available to visiting gilts and sows or can travel to them for a four-week hire period.

If you would like further information please e:mail gillian@hareleyfarm.co.uk or telephone 01886 884362.


Last updated: 20/10/2015



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